Presidents Report 2016

President’s Report October 2016
President’s Report October 2015 – October 2016
I wish to recognise and acknowledge the Songhees and Esquimalt Nations on whose traditional territories we live, we learn and we do our work. I would also like to acknowledge and extend my appreciation to the South Vancouver Island School Based Youth and Family Counsellor’s Association executive: Past President, Sue MacTavish; Vice President: Mark Sheremeta; Treasurer: Kathie Cross; Secretary: Leila Durzi; District Liaison: Lisa Roy; as well as the Members at Large: Anne Field, Al Reid, Emily Stark, Barb Acheson and Kim Rowe for their involvement during this past year.

This is the second of my two year term as President of the SVIYFCA.

On July 17, 1991, the SVIYFCA was registered as a society. This is our 25th year of the SVIYFCA. The constitution signed that year states that the purpose of our society is as follows:
1) To provide a professional Association for school-based Youth & Family Counsellors.
2) To ensure ongoing professional development.
3) To provide professional support to members.
4) To maintain a uniform and professional service.
5) To lobby on behalf of the membership for improved benefits and working conditions.

As an Association we continue to meet these objectives in the following ways:
• SVIYFCA held one AGM & two regular meetings for members this year.
• SVIYFCA held one Executive meeting + three meetings during the ‘Request for Proposals’ process involving some of our Executive members. These in addition to the ongoing phone calls, emails and in person discussions.
• SVIYFCA held a winter celebration in December and a year-end celebration in June.
• SVIYFCA maintains a website to provide information to the public about our Association.
• SVIYFCA provides its members with the use of our professional forms, tools and resources.
• SVIYFCA uses a Peer Support Model.
• SVIYFCA has a Crisis Response Team.
• SVIYFCA members provide good representation in attending professional workshops/events. Providing our members with current information, practices and trends that members bring back to the membership.
• SVIYFCA is a recognised professional entity in the community and often receives requests from community members/agencies to speak at our meetings with our members.
• SVIYFCA has a professional development committee that provides its members with opportunity for additional learning, growth and discussion.

Any opportunity to meet, whether it is at an Association meeting or during an informal celebration this provides our members with an opportunity to connect, converse, share resources, collaborate, raise concerns, advocate for change, participate in activism, provide and receive support from fellow members in this field.

This was my second year as President of the SVIYFCA. I value and appreciate the amazing people involved in shaping this field and practice. We have an incredible, diverse, experienced and knowledgeable team of people doing their best to provide what is best practice in our field. This Association believes in acknowledging the dedication, professionalism and excellence of its members.

With encouragement and enthusiasm I (we) ask that our members consider becoming a part of the SVIYFCA Executive, participate in committees, commit to attending meetings and attend Pro D events. We invite new ideas, energy, involvement, change and continued professional development. We also welcome and extend an invitation to school based YFC’s in other districts/programs to join the Association providing our group with a broader perspective/representation for this professional community. This Association will continue to be as strong as its members. Please get involved. Last year, SVIYFCA had 26 members.

In January 2016, members of the Executive assisted our employers with the negotiation (RFP) process of renewing the YFC contract with SD #61. Our Association provided a letter of support and endorsement to those agencies whose members were represented in the SVIYFC Association. Although these efforts were met with resistance and the outcome maintained the status quo, we will continue to advocate for increases in wage and benefits that reflect the value of our work, our collective education, experience and wages that are comparable to similar professions in BC.

In moving forward as an Association, we will continue to have a strong voice for our profession, and for the children, youth & families we serve in our community.

Respectfully submitted,
Tammy Reid
President, SVIYFCA

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success”.
Henry Ford

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