Meeting Minutes January 25, 2016

YFC Association (SVIYFCA) Meeting, January 25, 2017
SJ Willis Education Centre 3:00 pm
Present: Tara Nargang, Jen Aston, Shauna Breitkreutz, Tammy Reid, Al Reid, Ingrid Bach, Leila Durzi
Regrets: Anne Field, Mark Sheremeta, Emily Stark, Sue MacTavish, Kim Rowe, Amber Allan, Susannah McKee
Staff updates -Check in:
Al Reid informed the group during our check in that there will be no Community Link funding for Oakland’s Elementary next year. Support and suggestions offered.
This brought up the question of seniority and our policy or lack thereof, on seniority. There was a reference to a discussion on this topic 4 years ago. Action Item: Tammy will dig up the minutes to look at and speak about at a future meeting.
Does this conversation lead back to union question? Lots of starting points, not enough time to have it on the agenda this time. Action Item: further discussion with members
Wage Increase Advocacy
District may be open to having further conversations.
When we know what the process is, the Association will talk further. Will Executive join talks? Opportunity to speak with our individual agencies? What’s are game plan?
(Future) Professional Development Day opportunity
What fall training are members interested in? Trauma-informed practice/care was brought up and all members attending voted yes.
Stats Tool
Our Middle/High School stat tool was updated in November 2015. As we continue to use this tool and want to make new tweaks please email Tammy. Jen Aston identified a few tweaks needed and will e-mail those to Tammy. There is ongoing discussion about this tool being available to active members and the implications this might have re: reporting. The discussion is between agencies and possibly the district? More to come.

Discussion: is it worth it to create an anonymous tool to receive feedback on SVIYFCA re: what is working and what is not. Why aren’t some people joining? What are we doing well that we can build on? Please send ideas to Tammy. Shawna may have volunteered to work on this.
Community Resources: Shared info about Nature’s Way Counselling; Dave Prette: Youth & Family Counselling; The Children of the Streets Society; District Anxiety Group for High School students
Peer Support
Idea: Informal meetings with age specific groups to discuss themes, strategies, vent, share, etc. Shawna from Lansdowne will organize a Middle School gathering, Tara from SJ Willis will rally high school YFCS and a keen elementary YFC will soon invite the elementary YFCs. (hint hint)
No new Business. Meeting Adjourned at 4:10 pm
Meeting minutes taken by Tara Nargang
Next SVIYFC meeting April 5, 2017

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